Procedure & Costs

How is the Mark53® analysis carried out?

  1. The Mark53® analysis may be requested directly by the patient or by an attending physician. The test order form will request several details about the patient’s cancer.
  2. Based upon the information on the test order form, an assessment will be made of the usefulness of the analysis for the given tumour. You are also welcome to get individual advice concerning this matter from our medical experts or your treating oncologist, respectively.
  3. Based upon the information about the tumour, we identify a suitable tumour preparation and request this preparation from the respective pathology institute. This means that an additional intervention it is not normally necessary for the Mark53® analysis.
  4. The Mark53® analysis is conducted in a certified laboratory.
  5. The laboratory issues a written report on the p53 gene status.
  6. In addition to the written report, you will receive an interpretation of the report. This means that our medical experts compile a substance recommendation for you, based upon the results of the analysis. The therapy or substance recommendation, respectively, lists potentially effective and ineffective substances, whilst taking into account the latest scientific findings.
  7. Any unused tumour material will be returned to the respective pathology institute.

How much does the Mark53® analysis cost? The entire cost of the Mark53® analysis (report on the gene status including substance recommendation) amounts to 1,800 euro excluding VAT.
At present, this cost is not reimbursed by the health insurance company Part of the proceeds from all earnings flow back into the Mark53 research, guaranteeing the continuity of independent biomarker research.