Area of application

The Mark53® analysis is relevant for all cancer patients, who are due to undergo a chemotherapy or radiation therapy since it is a matter of selecting the most efficient therapy from the possible therapies available. This means that a Mark53®Analyse is always expedient for every cancer patient with a malignant tumour.

The result of the Mark53® analysis indicates which substance groups, or rather chemotherapies, will most likely be effective in fighting against a tumour and which will most likely be ineffective.

The Mark53® analysis does not guarantee the healing of cancer!

However, with the help of the Mark53® analysis, the attending physician is already able to evaluate the likely efficacy of diverse chemotherapeutic substance prior to the start of treatment and thus opt for a therapy to suit the individual. In this way, it is possible to significantly increase the efficacy of both the chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Possibilities and limitations of the Mark53® analysis

  • The Mark53® analysis enables the recognition of changes in the p53 gene in the tumour tissue with utmost sensitivity and specificity
  • The Mark53® analysis and subsequent interpretations of the results may only be undertaken by trained specialists.
  • The result of the Mark53® analysis serves for the assessment of the likely efficacy of a cancer treatment. In this way, doctors are given support in the identification of suitable chemotherapeutic substances for the treatment of their cancer patients.
  • The result of the Mark53® analysis not only serves for the diagnosis of cancer, but also for the better matching of the cancer therapy to the individual tumour.