What is the Mark53® analysis?

The Mark53® analysis is a clinically tested, precise gene test, which is carried out on the tumour tissue. The result of the Mark53® analysis not only serves for the diagnosis of cancer, but also for the improved matching of the cancer therapy to the individual tumour.

What are the benefits of the Mark53® analysis for cancer patients?

A cancer therapy can fundamentally be effective, but it can also be damaging. Prior to the application of a chemotherapy the result of the Mark53® analysis enables an assessment as to which chemotherapeutic substances can potentially be effective or potentially damaging, as the case may be.

What is the Mark53® analysis carried out on?

The Mark53® analysis is carried out on tumour tissue. Existing tumour-biopsies or surgical specimens may be used, irrespective of age or size (also needle biopsies). This means that no additional intervention is necessary for the retrieval of tumour tissue for the Mark53® analysis.